Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

When it comes to choosing window treatments, knowing what styles and features are available allows you to purchase window treatments that are perfect for your home.

Besides providing a different look to your room, different styles of blinds and shades also offer unique practical features as well.

Read on to see some important things you will want to consider when choosing window treatments for your home.

Appearance: When choosing window treatments, the shades or blinds you choose can dramatically improve the entire look of the home -especially if these treatments are coordinated throughout the house. When choosing shades or blinds, you may consider choosing a style that is suited to the architectural design of the home.

Don’t forget the outside of the house. Your blinds or shades will be seen from the outside as well, so you may consider choosing treatments in coordinating styles and colors to provide the outside of your house with a unified look.

Material: When it comes to choosing shades and blinds, there is no shortage of options available! Some blinds are considered “hard” window treatments because they include slats often made from harder materials such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Hard window treatments tilt to control the amount of light and privacy you desire.

Some shades, such as Roman shades, are “soft” window treatments. Soft window treatments are made from with material that has been folded or woven together, and can easily be raised and lowered again.

Light: For rooms that could benefit from partially reduced light, blinds or shades are a great choice. You can buy blinds and shades that are specifically designed to block out light. If you are going for a completely darkened room, consider blackout shades. If you are just looking to dim the glare while watching TV, solar shades could do the trick.

View: Do you have a spectacular view that you wouldn’t want to do without? Consider an attractive shade that retracts into a header to frame your window view. If you love the view, but still want privacy, blinds, or solar shades offer flexibility, and can easily be retracted and pulled down.

Privacy: Privacy is an important feature when it comes to choosing blinds or shades. If you live on the first floor, privacy is especially important. Different shades and blinds offer different levels of privacy. Bottom-up shades allow more privacy as they completely block the bottom half of the window, while still allowing light to pour in through the top.

When choosing shades or blinds, it is best to consider function as well as aesthetics. Taking into account both form and function means that your window treatments will look beautiful, and function practically as well.

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