The Features of Blackout Shades

When most people think of blackout shades, they usually imagine them installed in a bedroom, to block out light and help provide a better night’s sleep.

Blackout shades do more than just bock the light in bedrooms though; there are many other places that blackout shades are designed for as well. Many businesses also use blackout shades, to keep out unwanted rays, and to provide a sense of privacy to customers.

Here are some of the features that blackout blinds offer, read on to why blackout shades are a great option for home and business alike.

Unlike regular blinds, blackout shades provide complete privacy. With blackout shades, you don’t have to worry about gaps between the blades. Most blackout shades are made with a solid piece of material, meaning complete privacy, with no fuss.

Energy Saving
Blackout shades also block direct sunlight, helping to keep rooms cooler during the summer. Blackout shades tend to keep rooms at least a few degrees cooler. This can come in handy during the summer when even a few degrees can make all the difference. They may even help to reduce the cost of air conditioning, since the room will be easier to cool, making these blinds a great energy efficient option.

The most well known feature perhaps, is that blackout shades block the light. Blackout shades are commonly used in nurseries and small children’s rooms for this reason. They are also useful for people who work the night shift, or for those who need to catch some sleep while it is still light. Studies show that sleeping while it is light out can disrupt normal sleep patterns. Blackout shades can help make sleeping easier.

Easy Maintenance
Another great feature of blackout shades is that they are simple to maintain. Since most blackout shades come in one piece, cleaning them is simple. A quick clean with a towel is all it takes.

Ease of Use
Blackout blinds are easy to use. Unlike regular blinds that often require maneuvering of multiple strings at the same time, blackout shades generally work on a simpler system: pull down once to close the shades, and pull down a second time to raise them -efficient and convenient.

Blackout shades are great for both business and home. They are multipurpose and come in many different styles and colors. If you prefer the look of drapery, but would like the features of blackout, you can purchase a blackout liner to use with the style of blinds or drapery that you prefer, making these shades a versatile, economical, -and stylish option.

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