Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds an innovative solution for controlling natural light

Motorized blinds and motorized shades provide options to make life easier and more enjoyable!

Motorized blinds merge natural beauty with superior functionality, and offer the ideal solution for controlling natural lighting. Raising and lowering blinds, or precise tilting of the blind slats, motorized blinds are the solution that makes it effortless!

Motorized blinds help us to adapt and adjust our living environments so that they are comfortable, energy efficient and even provide an element of convenience and luxury to our home or business.

Motorized blinds allow us to enjoy all the benefits of traditional blinds in the best way possible. It will no longer be necessary to spend your time adjusting heavy blinds, or reach over furniture to eliminate excessive sunlight. Simply press a button or program a timer so that motorized blinds operate automatically. The choice is yours. Motorized blinds offer a variety of control options that will coordinate with any residential or commercial décor.

Options also include the ability to connect your motorized blinds to third party systems. Thus, giving you the flexibility to control your blinds at home or at your business, or remotely when you are away. Software is available that will allow you to control and operate your blinds via smart phone, tablet, or via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Call our design center to discuss your specific needs with our experienced specialists for assistance with our vast array of motorized blinds for your home or business.