Motorized Drapes

No longer a need to pull back the curtain…

The best way to add distinction to any home is to install motorized draperies. They are also a great feature for home theatres as well. Enhance your lifestyle by making your draperies easier to use. You will discover that motorized draperies will add measurable value to your property.

If you are considering new features and products to upgrade your home, consider the amenity of motorized draperies. We provide a distinct line of motorized draperies that can improve the functionality of any space, whether the décor is dramatic and bold, or contemporary, or modern chic. Our suggestions are compatible with virtually every fabric and design. Regardless of the design and function, from the sheerest fabric to heavy blackout draperies, we have the system to allow you to enjoy the full experience, and the convenience of luxury in motion.

Motorized draperies are easy to use, and you will find yourself taking advantage of this simplicity and utilize your draperies the way they were intended. You will find yourself experiencing the intended benefits of drapes such as protection from the sun’s rays, instant privacy, and the reduction of glare; all at the touch of a button.

Additionally, motorized draperies will experience longer lifespan because there will be significantly less wear and tear with their use. Regardless of what fabric type you choose, your draperies will hold their color, shape and texture. Simply a touch of the wall switch or a click of your remote control, and your motorized draperies open quietly. Call our office and explore all the possibilities available with motorized draperies.