When it comes to shutters, no one has the complete line of products that we carry. We offer a full line of Residential and Commercial Shutters. Our shutters come in a vast offering of colors and materials. Choose between natural woods or faux woods, Clear finishes or high gloss paints, we even can match your own find furniture finishes. Our wood shutters will beautify your home or business as well as providing fire protection, and energy efficiency.

We carry real wood shutters that are competitively priced and processed in a manner that is eco-friendly, being careful to conserve our renewable resources and preserve the ecological system. We do not employ the use of harmful petroleum products in the harvesting of our wood for shutters. In other words, you will not have to pay a premium price for real wooden shutters

Consider the variance of finishes and styles available:

Rustic Décor – Rustic looking Shutters and window treatments are usually hard to find, but we have a complete line of styles and colors that reflect the rustic décor of ranch homes, or mountain cabins. Made of 100% hand selected, knotty woods.

Refined Luxury – If you are looking for a more cosmopolitan style or a bit of refined opulence, we have a series of shutters that meet the demand for luxury. These shutters are finished to a high gloss coating that will remind you of the finish of a grand Piano. These shutters are as functional as they are exquisite. The louvers close flat and interlock to provide accurate light control. They close completely offering total privacy as well.

Tuscan Décor – If your décor is French Provincial or id you are seeking the rustic designs of old world Europe, We offer a line of hand crafted shutters that will give your home the ambiance and warmth of a Mediterranean garden villa. Your choices of accessories include oil rubbed bronze, or antiqued brass. These beautiful shutters are so versatile in style, that they can be utilized in either upscale or casual decors. Regardless of your style, these blinds will reflect your classic sense of style.

French Renaissance – These shutters are inspired by the architecture of the Wine Country in Western France. This is a unique shutter design that replicates the distressed or shabby chic look that is obtained by custom finishing the wood for an antiqued look that is so realistic that it even includes worm holes and a texture that gives it an “old world” charm.

North American-Standard shutters are available in 12 designer frames with numerous hinge options for a custom look that can match any décor. There are 32 colors and stains to choose for your finish as well as the option to custom match your own trim or furnishings. The shutters are extremely durable, resistant to warping, making them a reliable investment in your home or business.

Southwestern Theme – These shutters are classic for Southwestern US architecture. If your décor is Native American, Cowboy, or Southwestern style, you can accentuate your furnishings and architecture with 12 regional paint finished and 18 appropriate stains. These shutters adorn many homes and businesses in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.

Call us today and speak with our shutter design specialists to determine which of a myriad of options are best for your home or business.