Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a classic, stylish option to create a beautiful ambiance and add character to your home or business. Additionally, by virtue of their eye-catching honeycomb design provides an insulating barrier based on natural pockets of air. The results should be savings in your heating and cooling costs, thus cellular shades begin to return on your investment from the first day they are installed.

An added plus to their design is the sound dampening feature that will give your home or office a warmer ambiance. This same feature makes cellular shades an ideal choice for hospitals rooms and medical or dental clinics, virtually anywhere there is hard flooring.

The beauty of cellular shades is that they are as applicable for sliding doors as they are for windows. Patio doors and windows, conference rooms, or hospital rooms, anywhere there are sliding doors. Our Cellular Shades come in virtually every color and three cell sizes and four different opacities.

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