Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades are convenient and practical solutions for repositioning any shade or blind. Motorization is an expedient way to provide the reduction of glare, provide privacy, eliminating the need to physically regulate cumbersome and hard-to-reach window treatments. The use of motorized shades also eliminates the need for dangerous cords, creating a safer environment for young children and even pets.

We present a variety of options to enhance the performance of your motorized shades. Consider our full line of sensors, solar powered motors, and timers. Additionally, the controls and sensors are available in a variety of colors and styles that will match your current décor, as well as the type of window treatments.

Motorized window treatments are a significant upgrade, taking you one step closer to creating an energy-efficient Smart home. This is not science fiction; the concept is fast becoming a reality. Many of our products allow you to use third party systems in an effort to streamline the control of your motorized window treatments, thus, integrating such components as security systems, lighting, home entertainment, as well as climate control, all with one device. Software is available that will enable you to access your system from the internet. Hence you will be able to adjust your motorized window coverings from anywhere in the world.

Quiet operation – One of the benefits of our motorized shades is that their operation is ideally quiet for interior settings, be it your child’s bedroom, the boardroom, or a hospital room window.

Flexibility of Control – Motorized shades offers you the flexibility to operate your shades according to your demands. Our motorized shades can be operated individually, specific groups of windows (such as all the windows on the south side of the building), or together as a group.

Wireless Option – We provide a completely wireless option that consists of a battery-powered remote, thus eliminating the need for any wiring. Additionally, the wireless control is available with solar powered batteries, providing the best of both worlds in a maintenance-free and energy efficient solution.

Discover the versatility of motorized shades. We have motorized options for every type of shade, be they sheer, pleated cellular, or solar shades, you can control the operation of your shade to any preferred position with the touch of a button or the setting of a timer. Call today to speak with one of our specialists about motorized shades.