Roman Shades

If you are looking for a window treatment that has the versatility to match with any style from Louis the XVI to contemporary, Roman shades will bring a classy touch of character and color to your rooms. The beauty of Roman shades is that they can be designed to utilize any material, fabric, texture or color. In addition, they are available in a number of configurations such as cordless, Bottom Up/Top Down, as well as different opacities and room darkening options. Roman Shades come in two fold configurations, Classic Flat and Teardrop Looped styles.

Roman Shades combines the classic beauty of draperies with the simple design of a shade. Because of the wide choice of styles and features you can achieve a limitless number of looks from vibrant bright colors to muted conservative tones to every print from stripes to paisley. The materials and textures can range from bamboo and grasses, to classic woods, to synthetic composites. Your options increase exponentially as you can utilize materials identical to some aspect of your current furnishings whether it be to match the fabric of your living room sofa, or to match the wood finish of your classic dining room or conference table.

Call our design specialists for ideas to help you create your own unique window accents that will give your home or business an atmosphere that is sure to impress.