Woven Wood Shades

The choice to use natural grass weaves or woven wood patterns is reflective of your discernment of natural beauty. We provide over 97 extraordinary patterns in our supply for your selection. Every single pattern holds its own distinctive texture, color and grain that enhance the warmth and mood of any room.

Consider the soothing effect of sunlight and shadow that comes into play when you walk through a stand of trees. In much the same way, the weaved consistency of these patterns will cause light to dance throughout your home or office. Of course, for those who concerned about privacy, blackout liners are an added accessory that will not interfere with the natural beauty of the pattern.

Our blinds consist of the finest woven materials that are available. Natural patterns does not mean rustic or unrefined. The styles are contemporary and leave your rooms or business with a refreshing and relaxing ambiance. The patterns are not random; they are carefully designed and hand woven, using classic materials such as natural grasses, reeds, and of course the inimitable bamboo.

Call our woven woods natural shades specialists to learn more about the shades that are reminiscent of the earth’s natural beauty, and let us help you being that beauty to your home or business.